Placement Procedure

All students who wish to take Korean courses for the first time at UBC must complete the placement procedure. Students who have not completed the procedure before the first day of the term will be removed from the course.

Step 1: Complete the Korean Placement Interview Questionnaire

If you are applying for a Korean course for the first time at UBC, you must complete the Korean Placement Interview Questionnaire every term. When you submit the questionnaire, you will immediately receive a message indicating the appropriate course for you to take. If you receive a certificate for KORN 102 Basic Korean, your placement is complete and you can register for the course. If you receive a message stating that an in-person interview is needed, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Enroll in the Korean Placement Interview Canvas course

Enroll in the Korean Placement Interview Canvas course

Step 3: Take the Korean Assessment

Complete the Korean Assessment on the Canvas course.

Step 4: Book an Interview

Follow the instructions provided on the Canvas course and book an interview. It is your responsibility to check the available interview times and attend one to secure your spot. Please note that interviews will not be scheduled on an individual basis for the students’ needs, and no extra interviews will be given outside the scheduled dates. If you are unable to attend your scheduled interview due to an emergency, place cancel it as early as possible.

Step 5: Attend the Interview

All interviews will be conducted via Zoom. Please attend the interview at the scheduled time to have your language proficiency assessed and to determine the appropriate course for you.

If you are having an interview for language requirement exemption, please bring your student ID.

Step 6: Register for the Assigned Course

Please note that placement results do not guarantee your spot in the course. You must register for the course yourself.