Online Textbook: KORN 102

Lesson 1: Basic Expressions
Lesson 2: More Basic Expressions
Lesson 3: Korean Writing and Basic Pronunciation
Lesson 4: Further Pronunciation Guidelines
Lesson 5: This is my wife
Lesson 6: Excuse me, but where is the Plaza Hotel?
Lesson 7: Where do they sell tickets to Taejon?
Lesson 8: Aren’t you taking any other subject?
Lesson 9: Did you have a good weekend?
Lesson 10: Review 1
Lesson 11: I’m 21. I was born in 1976
Lesson 12: I like plays, but I don’t like concerts much
Lesson 13: I just called a moment ago, but nobody answers
Lesson 14: Tongdaemun Market is probably the best, right?
Lesson 15: Review 2
Appendix: Korean-English Vocabulary
Appendix: English-Korean Vocabulary