Lesson Exercise 2

01 The phone rings.  You pick it up.  What do you say?  
02 There are two ways of saying “Thank you” in Korean.
03 When you meet  your instructor for the first time in the morning, you say…
04 There are two ways of saying “I’m sorry” in Korean.
05 You went to a business meeting and met a person for the first time from another company.  What would you say to this person after you have been introduced to him/her?
06 What do you say to a person whom you’ve wanted to meet desperately?  You are really glad to meet the person.
07 Your visitor is leaving your house.  What would the visitor say to you?
08 Someone visits your house.  Welcome the person by saying…
09 You go and see your instructor during the office hour. The instructor asks you to come in and  sit down.
10 Your visitor is leaving your house.  What would you say to him/her?  
11 You are told some unusual news.  How might you express your surprise?
12 You enter an office and you cannot find a secretary or anyone else.  You would say this to gather someone’s attention.
13 You can also say this when you leave the office.
14 Someone offers you a cup of coffee but you do not want to drink anything.  What would you say?
15 Before you leave your instructor’s office, you could also say this instead of good-bye.
16 Upon hearing this, your instructor says…